Varga Borbála
7 city-center
if you go down to the city
there’s still a market in the center-cover
where people sell their potatoes and tomatoes
and they have time to gossip around
i like to fill my steps with the smell
of this field from veggie-ground

the fruits, as they expel the times
of the summer gardens
even when it’s winter now

if you go down in the center-streets
you’d still find children and teenagers
who just kick the stone
who just speak the words
they don’t mean anything serious

as light as a feather
of the pigeons who were eating
the breads that are spread around
for the ducks on the lake
the icecreams that are all melt down
and the arch of the spades

you know this is our piece
uu-uuu... be wise
or you’re waiting for some kind of other paradise?!

cause we don’t have anything else around
what is swirled and which were grounded
you know that you need
there’s still this air there’s still this sky
there’s still thiese people all around
don’t keep me, i’m asking why
where cannot you find what you’re looking for
cause it’s al-already here ...
u-ou-u you know it’s here
u-ou-u you know it’s here
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