Varga Borbála
51 dispersed
i’m standing in front of my wound, judging so
i’ve asked myself could i’ve been better, my time
– could i’ve used it more?

all steps gone away and the hard relay only in my memory
i cannot follow where they are, where they lead entirely

those ways from the are mixtured with modern sky
machines and trains are walking above better

i already feel half in dieing, i’m searching if anything lost
that’s worth to speak still loud

seeing the polluted rivers
seeing that pain as the gases
penetrate the clear air
i can only ask myself is there is worth it to think anything clear
wooh i’m still doing my own in any faith cause
step the bar
cause i cannot be anyone else – born

looking back on the past
i can say that it collapsed
you always need one more step
to reach above the peak

how it is so much to stand – but it is impossible
i did all until believe
i wanted a whole to keep
something always comes to leak
you proved to be the ephemere phenomene in the town
have to see the end of light
you cannot stay
you cannot stay
however much you wanna be

now i’m blaming my lacks
beacause i was there
and i could have do a little bit more
didn’t i did all i could?
didn’t i did all i was able for?
i see now the end
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