Varga Borbála
6 i know
I know we have some moments
when the cats are laying down around the tree
I know we have some silence
when everybody else I gone home from the sea

I know we have those waterdrops
that are washing our skin

I know we have our eyes to look
and not to turn the head

I know we’ll meet again
I know I will see your face

I know that is never gone
cause everything we done is here
everything we done is undercover
underground under ear under rain

I know it comes a way I know I’ll find it
when all these hidden things are gonna be

I know I won’t be always back-behinded
and there is coming some day when you’re gonna see

I know there is a sky for us
under and above which we can be

I know we are smiling us
and we arrive one day in us
to go further