Varga Borbála
53 don't fall
don’t fall in love with me, honey
you know my face is made of dust
all little particles that travel in time
little atoms of energy that
bow across
every dust is every millisecond
i’m like a huge clock of sand metring the time
falling out of me everywhere – so
i cannot be yours and
nothing is mine

if you reach out your hands you will
touch a face that is in destramation
falling and falling you don’t want to call in that

i know this kind of truth
something that’s not for you
you’re running possibly away
while i’m standing every night awake
oh-whoa i’m flowing out
with every second you loose me
with every second is less and less remained for us to live
we lost some years we lost the seasons we lost the movements
and there we’ll be hungry for them
do you think that time can repair the time?
do you think oh do you think we’ll have to know it again?

so don’t touch me baby
cause i don’t want to come back here
can you release your dreams about me
i’d like to – but i know it’s impossible, they are too deep
they are even deeper
than the fear
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