Varga Borbála
54 ads
i’ reading all kind of advertisements
most of them project a healthy life
they tell you you have clear environments
and they suppose you have endless time

then they fill the dusty street
where every day is full of shout
the music is constantly loaded in
mistakes are falling
like fruits in abundance in the autumns’ proud

they say that is warming up although winter is coming
cools and distances are somehow decreased
it gets harder every day to shout
in a constant noise you don’t feel you’re released

the more conscious you are
the more you realise
how to defend the other with thinking
and you despise every occasion cause you know
there is a real show

there is no space there is no time
you’re going out, ’t’s a hunting line
for them.

you might want to rediscover the secret of the creator
how the void was made how the silence versed
what’s the origin of what you want when you’ll be brave to take
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